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  1. Sorry, I couldn’t tell from your website. Are you an atheist? It’s hard to tell. I mean, amongst the articles about how you actively help people in the world on a daily basis and are leading us towards an altruistic utopia and away from the suffocation of self-involvement…I couldn’t really tell one way or the other.

    Wait, on second thought…nah it’s just all about your views on being an atheist.

    • That was a funny sarcastic comment! I’ll take into consideration whether, on a site which really, specifically is about [my] atheism, I should discuss and write posts about things that aren’t about the site’s main theme.

      Wait, on second thought… it’s a site about atheism. How strange for it to be almost exclusively about atheism.

      Wait, on second thought… that’s not strange at all. Because it’s a site about atheism.

  2. I got here after clicking on a link connecting homosexuality to eugenics c/o Illuminati (Rothschild & Co.) When digging into conspiracy theories, it is difficult to discern fact from fiction. Almost anything can seem plausible if you’re ready, willing and able to dig that deep, yet even with documented ‘proof’, it would be difficult if not impossible to authenticate the authenticity of such documentation… and so we return to square one. It once was said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Let us turn away from fear.

  3. I have been an atheist for over 30 years. However the worst thing about being an atheist is that there is no hope in an afterlife. That is why I created my own belief system that has current scientific knowledge as its basis but fills in the gaps that science cannot currently explain with religious answers. There is no deity and as science advances so will my beliefs. I would appreciate if you could check out my blog at

  4. Attention if you have received or come across this message it is very important that you pay close attention.As of right now I will offer you one of two pills.The red pill means that you will continue reading this note.The blue pill means that you may disregard this note.Now before you make a decision I would like to tell you who I am.Who Am I?I am a Master Teacher sent from the Spirit World. I have genuinely without any form of meditation activated Christ energy also known as The Kundalini.Speaking for the chakras from my ongoing experience there are more chakras in the human body then the 7 major ones that are spoken of.During the beginning of this activation my eyes went bugged and my walking was abnormal for quite some time.During the revealing of all hidden knowledge that was given to me I was carefully told that I am a messenger for the CREATOR therefore my message comes from GOD and the DEVIL.In my youth I went to the school of the SAINTS for 10 years and for 4 years I went to the school of the DEVILS.The place where I activated my KUNDALINI has street signs that all point directly to me but unfortunately for my safety I cannot reveal these street signs or locations since I still currently live there.My grandfather is a FREE MASON and he has two sets of FAMILY.One that he claims and the other not so much.I have been invited to only ONE Free Mason gathering which revealed that my FATHER is involved in Free Masonry as well since I saw him deliberately throwing up the Baphomet SIGN towards a fellow Free Mason.My material names has 3 last names in connection to FAMILY TIES.I am the only person in my ENTIRE FAMILY with a name of such connection.SPIRITS, ALIENS, and SECRET SOCIETIES have all been revealed to me.I am HEAVILY WATCHED and MONITORED BY ALL 3.A very POPULAR Rock group has used a term of mines on their GREATEST HITS ALBUM called GRRR.GRRR is the term. If you see or hear this term they are referring to me.Now if you’re wondering what my name is you may call me MORPHEUS the GOD that can wake you up from your dreams.So once again here is the red and blue pill.Are you ready to digest the red pill?If so please continue reading below.

    1. Who is the ABSOLUTE?The ABSOLUTE is NOTHING AND EVERYTHING.If you see nothing that is the Absolute.If you see something that is the Absolute.Both everything and nothing comes from the Absolute.This is where we ALL come from.

    2. Who is the CREATOR?The CREATOR is everything. Anything that be known is the CREATOR.The creator is your enemy and the creator is your lover.The creator is Godly and the creator is the ungodly.The Creator is both God and the Devil.

    3. Who is GOD?GOD is a SPIRIT. God is love. God is life.God is incapable of producing DEATH.God is incapable of producing HATRED.God is the highest of all created beings.

    4. Who is the DEVIL?The Devil is not a SPIRIT. The Devil is Evil. The Devil is DEATH.The Devil is incapable of creating LIFE. The Devil can ONLY steal, kill, and destroy what belongs to GOD.

    5. Why was MANKIND created?MANKIND was created by the CREATOR to give life to the CHILDREN OF GOD and the CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL so that neither KINGDOM shall be VOIDED.6. What is mankind’s job or duty?Our JOB is directly spoken of in the BOOK of JOB in the Bible.We are here to CHOOSE sides.Shall we enter into the KINGDOM OF GOD or shall we enter into the KINGDOM OF THE DEVIL.Our actions and thoughts here and now reap what we sow.

    7. What is the chessboard test?In Free Masonry you will notice that they use the chessboard as a sign of initiation.On this great DIVINE chessboard we are constantly being tested to see if we qualify for the glory of GOD or if we qualify for the glory of the world. In which we cannot obtain BOTH.

    8. Why PLANET EARTH is a PRISON PLANET?Planet Earth was designed by the Devil as a TERRA planet in other words TERROR planet meaning a place of sufferings and miseries. This is why PEACE has never been ESTABLISHED here.We were placed here to see if we capable of escaping sin or to prove that we are truly sinners and that we are CHILDREN of The DEVIL and that we belong in his KINGDOM.

    9. How to be released from this PRISON PLANET and why you cannot just ESCAPE?If you wish to be released you must activate CHRIST your KUNDALINI.This is the only way out of this prison planet.This is why CHRIST warned us in the Bible that only through him may we leave.This DIVINE ENERGY will release you from this WORLD and send you back from where you came.

    10. What is the FIRST AND SECOND DEATH?The FIRST DEATH is the PHYSICAL LIFE we are CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING.Since SIN leads to DEATH in GODS EYES we are TECHNICALLY AND LITERALLY DEAD as we are consider nothing more than ZOMBIES walking and talking around the EARTH.Now the SECOND DEATH is SPIRITUAL this happens if we are not born again.Once again we are DEAD and thus need to be BORN AGAIN.IF we are not BORN AGAIN we will become permanent subjects of the DEVILS KINGDOM until JUDGEMENT DAY.In the time of JUDGEMENT DAY ALL OUTSIDERS WILL BE DONE AWAY WITH.11. What is the FIRST AND SECOND BIRTH?The FIRST BIRTH is physical. When we are BORN into this world even though we are DEAD in our sins this is still our FIRST BIRTH.Now the SECOND BIRTH is SPIRITUAL and this happens when you are BORN AGAIN.12. Why is the ILLUMINATI fascinated with the PYRAMID AND THE ALL SEEING EYE?The pyramid is referring to your body which is the real church and its energy centers are your chakras in which CHRIST will LIVE inside of YOU if you incarnate this DIVINE ENERGY inside of you.The ALL SEEING EYE on top of the PYRAMID is referring to your DIVINE CONNECTION to GOD after CHRIST ENERGY reaches to the TOP of your HEAD. This is why CHRIST was crucified at GOLGOTHA which means the place of the SKULL.13. How to activate your CHRIST within you?

    A) Do not over eat. Limit yourself to ONE MEAL A DAY!B) Do not over talk. Limit your DAILY SPEECH.C) Believe and know CHRIST, GOD, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT EXIST. ALSO believe in the DEVIL for God is not a GOD of IGNORANCE.D) Dress POORLY as not to bring any ATTENTION TO YOUR OUTSIDE LOOKS. For the mind of the flesh is only concerned about OUTSIDE LOOKS FOR PEOPLE but the mind of SPIRIT only looks good for GOD.E) Help the sick and feed the POOR whenever you can AFFORD to do so.F) Give up your WORLDLY DESIRES such as MONEY OR ANYTHING MATERIAL. This is very important. Try your best to not focus on such things even though you will be constantly pressured to desire them.G) Give up your WORLDLY AND MAN MADE BELIEFS. Only believe and know what GOD the SPIRIT inside of you tells you.

    14. The CORRECT WAY TO PRAY?Prayer must be done with great sincerity of the HEART NOT THE MIND. With sincerity of your heart God will answer your prayer.15. Why you should NOT get MARRIED or BOW DOWN to a WOMAN?People of this WORLD and the DEVILS KINGDOM get MARRIED but people who seek EVERLASTING LIFE shall not get MARRIED. Here in this WORLD the DEVIL tricks MEN into BOWING DOWN to a WOMAN instead of BOWING DOWN to GOD. In this ACT Men who do this SUBMIT themselves to this WOMAN and not GOD. I humbly say to you now if you truly seek MARRIAGE then BOW to GOD instead. Also if you’re currently married DO NOT GET A DIVORCE! This is committing ADULTERY. 16. What gift did GOD give the DEVIL and his angels that makes them so POWERFUL and DECEIVING?

    GOD gave the DEVIL and his angels a SPIRIT and because of this SPIRIT inside of them they are capable of transforming into an angel of LIGHT. GOD gave them this power so that they could change but instead they continue to use this power for CORRUPTION.17. Can you SELL YOUR SOUL to the DEVIL?It is very important that you understand that you SOUL can be TAKEN from you without the need to SELL it. Through direct experiences I was able to know this information but yes you can sell your SOUL for it is written that JESUS was tempted to do just this ACT.18. Why MONEY should be DESTROYED?Money is a TOOL used BY the Devil. It’s one and only PURPOSE is to distract you from GOD.Everything on Earth should be adequately distributed and nothing should have a price tag or value.19. Why we cannot fight back by using physical violent force against our ENEMIES?The beings that have enslaved humanity have WEAPONS beyond our IMAGINATION. It would be VERY WISE not to fight them in this manner. For example would you go into a battle with your fist if they are using guns? Or would you go into battle with a gun if they are using nuclear weapons.Please think long and hard and carefully before considering this battle you’re entering.20. What is the SPIRITUAL TRICK of the DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS?The Devil has COMPLETELY FOOLED many people into thinking that the CHURCH is outside of them. A place where they must drive or walk to. This is horribly WRONG. The real and ONLY CHURCH is your BODY.Next the Devil has fooled many people into believing in CHRIST outside of themselves.Many many people have made graven images of Christ such as GOOGLE pictures and by wearing a CROSS / Jesus Piece around their necks or tattooing themselves with crosses or false images of Jesus.I tell you now the true Jesus refers to EVERYBODY and CHRIST IS NOT A LAST NAME but a TITLE EARNT through the activation of your KUNDALINI. BY wearing a cross around your neck you are virtually saying that you reject CHRIST but acknowledge him just as the DEVIL does. If you truly believe in Christ you must take up your CROSS and CRUCIFY yourself WITHIN referring to your “I” or Ego or Individual or MIND.Sadly The Devil can transform into an angel of LIGHT and he has utilized the Astral Realm/ Dreams for out of body Experiences. At this time many people have claimed across the world to have met Christ in this manner believing it was truly him because of the holes he showed them in his hands. Go YouTube and type in hell testimonials if you don’t believe me. I warn you now the Devil can transform into an angel of LIGHT and don’t you dare forget this. Like I said before the real crucifixion is within and therefore you shall not have holes place in your hands from being hanged on a wooden cross.In the revelations of the Bible the 7 major chakras of your church which is your body in which is the body of Christ is spoken of as the 7 churches that received letters from angels. The DEVIL has carefully fooled many into thinking these churches exist outside of them but you must understand these churches are within you.Another thing you must know is that GOD placed himself in each and every one of US. So it is safe to say that we are CHILDREN OF GOD explaining why GOD is a JEALOUS GOD because when you worship things outside of yourself you are practicing IDOL worship. So it is important to understand that God is with us at all times unless we face the SECOND DEATH.Lastly many people have often mistaken themselves as being good or righteous. This is VERY FALSE. It has be written in LAW that no one is RIGHTEOUS on this Evil PLANET not even CHRIST dare to call himself RIGHTEOUS. The only RIGHTEOUS being is GOD and only God is Righteous. You must understand that we are SLAVES to a cruel and evil world and for this reason sinners and slaves cannot call themselves righteous in any way. Once again we must understand that the Devil can transform into an angel of LIGHT so discernment is a fundamental key to your spiritual success.

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