I am sincerely considering changing the name of the blog. My hope is that if the blog is no longer titled “Atheist Dave,” maybe more atheists and agnostics and skeptics and bears and chickens and whatever will feel compelled to write for it. And if more people write for it, more frequent updates will be made.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Suggestions so far:

  • Encyclopédie, a reference to Diderot’s “Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts and Crafts.”
  • The Drunken Atheist
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About A. Dave

Dave is an atheist living in the middle of the Bible Belt. Among other things Dave does not believe in are unicorns, dragons, the Bogeyman, leprechauns, and Russell's Teapot.

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  1. I did follow some earlier but I really like following if there is just one person writing. I just like getting to know a poster’s style. It makes me feel more comfortable to make comments.

    So this isn’t really a suggestion. More of a “Hi Atheist Dave!” 🙂

  2. I’m not sure the name makes a difference; though I can see where the personalization of it with “Dave”might make guest writers a bit less receptive. I don’t envy you being an atheist in the bible belt. When my wife was in veterinary school in Indiana, many moons ago, it would really rankle me whenever I heard the expression “that’s mighty Christian of you.” I never heard that growing up in Connecticut. Not only am I a non-theistic existentialist, but I was also born Jewish (which I still consider to be my ethnic origin if not my religion), so that phrase bugged me twofold.

  3. As much as I like the Drunken Atheist, it might put off some atheists who may be on the wagon 😉 I am with mixedupmeme on this one. I am more likely to follow blogs with one consistant voice… and I like your voice.

  4. I didn’t know you wanted guest writers. Since you’re expressing your desire for them, then, yes, I think a non-personalized name would help. Also, something visible saying “want to contribute? Talk to me!”

    I like the way it is going, but if you’re wanting guest writers then, yeah, for sure a different name (otherwise it just isn’t apparent that you would welcome guest writer contributions). Maybe a name like “Atheist Dave…and Friends!” lol

    The Encyclopédie idea is interesting–seems to me it would give more of a High Intellect feel to the blog, though maybe that is b/c I’m impressed by the Diderot reference.

    “Drunken Atheist” certainly sounds fun, but if you’re hoping for a blog with a certain Tone, and the tone isn’t, shall we say, Pastafarian (lol) in nature, then you might want to steer away.

    • I update the blog pretty infrequently nowadays. Every once in a while somebody will spark a debate or diatribe on Facebook that I feel warrants a spot on the blog, but Atheist Holly and I have had a lot of huge changes in our lives lately (good huge changes) that just aren’t leaving me with as much time to keep up with the blog as I used to have.

  5. Your writings are your own, arrogance and ignorance.
    I see what your saying from your point of view that is only because it is your point of view…
    Look Dave your obviously very intelligent however all this article did for me is project your scarcity mindset, your infatuation with disbelief clearly stems from your past to present…
    Not important what that is, however you forget one thing pal…
    Since the beggining of Adams creation there have been ruffly over 100,000 prophets now…
    I am currently on a personal journey to try and decipher who these were from the start of known timelines onwards…
    One thing is for certain “illuminati’s scarcity mindset” has taken their conspiracy further by pushing into mine and your mind that there…
    IS NO GOD!
    Having said this I am no preacher and I leave you with this my friend…

    The day the schollar closes his books and says I have become learned…
    Is the day he becomes ignorant….

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