Yesterday, voters in North Carolina decided to make a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, a move some have claimed is not anti-gay, but rather pro-marriage. Because apparently, the Christian god created the institution of marriage despite the fact that it’s been practiced for thousands of years longer than even the Old Testament has existed.

I have, for years, been outspoken in favor of the LGBT community and against bigotry, especially on Facebook. Quite a few of my friends have thanked me for doing so, which inspired me to make a post today on my personal page:

In the past, Cees and I have disagreed a lot, usually when it comes to politics. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a very liberal person and Cees, well, he’s the kind of person who uses the term “liberal nutjob” quite, well, liberally. That’s never been an issue for me, however, because I don’t let political points of view disrupt my friendships.

But I just can’t remain friends with somebody whose best and only advice in response to injustice is to just ignore it, because it’ll continue whether I like it or not.

My comment, “THAT’S HOW YOU FACEBOOK” was tongue-in-cheek, and in response to the fact that Cees “un-friended” me after his “farewell,” something my wife has been urging me to do for months.

In related news, today President Barack Obama became the first sitting US president in history to openly support same-sex marriage. Even if this is a so-called “flip-flop” (he was previously opposed to same-sex marriage, but not to civil unions), I don’t mind. It takes a brave man (or a politician — I’m not totally naive) to become educated on a particular topic to the point where his opinion changes.

Either way, well done Mr. President.

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Dave is an atheist living in the middle of the Bible Belt. Among other things Dave does not believe in are unicorns, dragons, the Bogeyman, leprechauns, and Russell's Teapot.

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