There is no such thing as an atheist

For some reason this comment was moved directly to my spam folder, which meant I was never given the opportunity to approve it for publication. I’m not sure why, as it’s not blatant “trolling” or spamming – then again, it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic discussed in the original blog post, nor does it seem to add anything to any existing conversations or comments. Nevertheless, I rarely check my spam folder and did not see it until now.

It was originally made in response to my post titled Thank god! but I’m reposting it here because I think it warrants a response – in this case, in the form of its very own post.

There is no such thing as an atheist. Although I know my reply will be deleted, it matters not. My path almost led me down the road to so-called “atheism”. The term “atheist” is derived from two roots “a” meaning “against” and “theos” meaning “God” or “a god”. Thus people who claim that they are atheist because they don’t believe in Him is a contradiction of terms. You can’t be against something you don’t believe exists. You may as well be a-fairy, or a-pomogianisticis. There are no such things so it is impossible to be against them. The funny thing about so-called atheists is that they spend so much time talking about the very thing they claim doesn’t exist. Isn’t this a waste of time? I don’t go around trying to convince people not to believe in the tooth fairy. No, the real purpose of each and every atheist is a deep longer to know. You WANT to see for yourself. You wish deep down inside that God would show you a sign so that you could hold on to something tangible.

As for myself, I used to believe in science and believed that everything had to have a scientific explanation. Then I realized that God’s word was far more consistent that science. Science is limited to the five senses. With science there is no room for anything that our finite human bodies can experience. It didn’t take long for me to see that science has to continue correcting itself because what is scientifically proven one day can be false the very next day. I have very little faith in science these days. I have no faith in doctors either. Doctors prescribe drugs they have little knowledge about. They cannot see the effects drugs have on the human brain, DNA, and a whole multitude of bodily functions. While a certain drug can seem to solve one issue, it will ALWAYS create a new host of side effects that can be and probably are more detrimental to our bodies.

Wasn’t it science that claimed the earth was flat? Wasn’t it scientists that claimed there could not be such things as microwaves, germs, and the like? Why not? Because we did not have the instruments to see such things. Therefore they must not exist.

The truth of the matter is that anyone who puts their faith in science is going to be disappointed over and over again. Scientists are only now realizing that there are things in this universe that cannot be explained because they do not fall into the category of tangible evidence. This is why they have created a whole new field of science called quantum physics.

Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by blind religion or blind science. Make intelligent well informed decisions. Seek out the facts first.

Remember just because we could not detect sound waves didn’t mean they didn’t exists. Similarly just because we don’t have the equipment to detect demons and angelic beings does not mean they are not all around us. One day science will have to be re-written yet again to contain new evidence. The scriptures, however, remain unchanged since ancient times.

Finally, my story… At the pinnacle of my own arrogance and the height of my intellectual achievements, I stumbled upon a radio station that played hard rock and heavy metal. There I heard a caller describing an apocalyptic event that was all the rave at the time. He asked the disk jockeys if they had heard about a meteor that would kill one third of the population. They laughed at him and hung up the phone and continued on with their jokes, but my attention was focused on one single thought – “a third of the population”… I had heard that in my youth in my Sunday School class. “Yes” I thought, “That’s in Revelation…” So I dusted off an old Bible my parents had and found some old scriptures giving an account of the end of the world in minute detail. As I read, there was a documentary on the Discovery channel about the same topic – a meteor strike of catastrophic proportions.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I read along with the program. The events described in both the Bible and the television show were identical to a tee! God had my full, undivided attention. It was at this point that I made up my mind to have faith like a child. I said within myself, “If God says ‘A donkey talked’ then by all mean a donkey talked. I will never again question His Word.”

It was that very year that things began to happen in my life. Those “signs” I sought after were revealed to me, and I lost all hope in science forever.

I laugh whenever I see Nacho Libre with Jack Black now. Whenever I hear his sidekick declare, “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science” I chuckle within myself because I am now the total opposite.

Delete my reply if you insist this is all baloney, but if you expect real discussion on this topic, then leave it and see what other say.

Man O God

I don’t plan on addressing everything said in the comment, but will try to catch what I think are the most important points:

There is no such thing as an atheist…
Well, there definitely is such a thing as an atheist. As long as you’re bringing up the roots of the word I should point out that a does not mean against; rather, it means precisely the same as the a in asexual, that is, without. I, and all the other atheists, are without theism.

You are right in bringing up disbelief in fairies, and the fact that it doesn’t have “its own word.” I actually agree with you – atheism shouldn’t even be a word. Atheism should be the norm. Just like we would question somebody who told us they believe in fairies, we should question somebody when they say they believe in gods. Gods are, after all, just as likely to exist. The reason we – the atheists – speak out so fervently against religion is because it plays such a huge (and, more often than not, unwanted) role in our lives despite the fact that we do not share the same beliefs. I guarantee that if politicians and educators were trying to pass laws that were directly or indirectly inspired by their belief in Bigfoot, we would speak out against that too. If belief in Bigfoot were so widespread that it affected our lives on a nearly daily basis, we might even start using a word to describe ourselves which separated us from those who believe.

No, the real purpose of each and every atheist is a deep longer(sic) to know.
This is somewhat accurate. I can’t speak for all atheists, but I can certainly speak for myself when I say I would much rather know something than to just believe in it. That’s why we’re called skeptics. We won’t take something based on faith alone. Faith is okay, in fact I have faith in plenty of things, but my faiths are reinforced by evidence. Religious faith is not.

You’re incorrect when you say we want your god to give us some sign of its existence based on the simple fact that we do not believe it exists. I can’t want a god to prove its existence any more than I can want Harry Potter to prove he exists. He most likely doesn’t, nor does any god – especially not your god. That said, if I believed in a god I would certainly want – or at least expect – it to prove it exists.

Then I realized that God’s word was far more consistent that(sic) science.
First, you’re terribly wrong. The Bible (“God’s word”) is littered with inconsistencies and contradictions. This isn’t the place to point all of them out to you, but a quick and easy Google search for “Bible contradictions” should be all you need.

That being wrong, you also said science has to continue correcting itself. You’re absolutely right here. That’s how the scientific method works: a question is asked, research is done and information is collected regarding the subject, a hypothesis is formed, experiments are performed, data is interpreted and, if the data supports the hypothesis predictions can be made and a theory may be formed. If the data does not support the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is scrapped. This is where science and religion seem to clash. Despite all the geological, astronomical, and biological evidence that specifically conflicts with the young-earth “theory” so many religious believers adhere to, they continue to ignore the data, preferring to believe that what a non-scientific 2,000-year-old book says is probably more accurate.

As more evidence is discovered or collected, scientific theories may change. But that’s what rational people do – they admit when they’re wrong, and reshape their theories to fit the evidence. A religious person, on the other hand, reshapes the evidence to fit their so-called theories.

The scriptures, however, remain unchanged since ancient times.
If we do not count the frequency at which the Bible is re-translated, or the fact that multiple books have deliberately been removed from the earliest copies of the bible, you’re right again. Incidentally, the scriptures are just as implausible and inconsistent now as they were back when they were written.

The events described in both the Bible and the television show were identical to a tee!
First, I’d like to know which show this was on the Discovery Channel. As a fan of the channel and their publications, I’m fully aware that they do air a lot of religious programs featuring “what if” scenarios. I hardly believe a scientific program would talk about the likelihood of a dragon falling from the sky, a beast with multiple heads emerging from the ocean, angels blowing their horns at the “four corners” of the earth, or people ascending into Heaven while others found themselves marked with the number of the beast. So unless this show was specifically about the Revelation chapter in the Bible, no, they were not identical to a T.

“If God says ‘A donkey talked’ then by all mean(sic) a donkey talked. I will never again question His Word.”
I’ll just rebut this one with another one of your own quotes: Make intelligent well informed decisions. Seek out the facts first.

I lost all hope in science forever.
I would assume, then, that you never visit the doctor, never take any medicine, never drive a car, never use the internet, never watch television, and never pay any heed to documentaries on the Discovery Channel.

In other words, I’m calling you a liar and a hypocrite.

27 thoughts on “There is no such thing as an atheist

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  2. Atheist; ‘a’ – meaning without. For example the term vascular means there are a lot of blood vessels, and avascular meaning not containing blood vessels. Your entomology is blatantly wrong.

  3. @Mickael

    I can’t comment on your entomology (the study of insects) for lack of information. As for the etymology of a-, you’re picking a fight where none exists. A-theism is obviously not a state that involves opposition to god, and anyone who claims otherwise is guilty of purposeful misreading. Yes, the a- prefix can mean “not” as well as “without” but the point made by Dave is well taken. More silliness from theists.

  4. I think this person is confused.

    “The term “atheist” is derived from two roots “a” meaning “against” and “theos” meaning “God” or “a god”.”

    The “a” prefix does not mean “against”, it means “without”. The prefix for “against” is “anti”, like “antitheist” and “antithesis”. “Achromatic” doesn’t mean “made of some kind of bizarre anti-colour”, it simply means “uncoloured”.

  5. Nice, cordial, diplomatic way of dissecting his theo-trash and kicking that superstitious morons ass back into the proper dimension!

  6. I see the merits of both sides, however, I think that we were created as the only Beings on this planet, who have the power to one day destroy it and all the innummerable life forms that call this planet their home./ Irrespectie of which elilgious or Scientific beliefs one caters to at this time,l can we all agree that wilth this ability we seem to have been given that we also have a responsibilikty for our actions towards all that we have been given dominion over? If we could just kill ourselves out the planet would be better off, but we are making victumms olut of everything, livilng or not. We were created with Love and Reasoln being our strongest Gifts. By utilizing these gifts, we could solve, resolve and not have to continue to destroy . Isnt it time we got to the point where we can work together ? Arent there enough natural resources on this planet to get us to the next one, ? Can we achieve this goal withoug working together? If not, then its time to grow together or we shall surely perish. and not od noir Science will be able to save us from ourselves.

    • Incidentally, I can spell, just can’t type but Thank God, Science has created tools where I can learn to !!!

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  8. Great discussion people. These types of discussions are great for several reasons: a) They solidify everyone’s beliefs. Those who are on the fence should decide since God does not like luke-warm and will spew you out of his mouth. b) Great knowledge to be passed around. After all dogma cannot be disputed right? c) Name calling only goes to strengthen my resolve as it bears no subjectivity whatsoever.

    Dave, I appreciate your words, “most likely doesn’t (exist)” since it shows that you are not willing to completely throw out the possibility the He does. So many times I’ve heard that Christians are among the most intolerant people, yet according to Ben Stein’s documentary, “Expelled”, it appears that the scientific community is just and intolerant. I’m not sure how science can claim to seek knowledge when it throws out the metaphysical whenever it doesn’t agree with it’s theories. I was brought up to believe that theories are not laws, but ideas that have not yet been proven. Seems that creation bears just as much weight on that level as evolution.
    The reason I ceased believing in evolution is that everything seems to be in the “finished” stages of evolution. Why do we not see bats that can “almost” fly? or spiders who have “almost” developed fangs? Where are all the transitional species between? Why are supposedly extinct species still showing up? To believe that the universe can to be in the order it is today based on a “big bang” is as ludicrous as believing that the dictionary can about as the result of an explosion in a library.
    As far as the validity of scripture, the scriptures have been right all along. It took science centuries to discover that alcohol can cause fetal damage while God warned the early Hebrews in the book of Judges. Prophecies like the one saying that Israel would be gathered together again, “Now give them this message from the Sovereign Lord: O my people, I will open your graves of exile and cause you to rise again. Then I will bring you back to the land of Israel. When this happens, O my people, you will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 37:11-13” There’s many more for whoever cares to read them.
    As far as the documentary, I’m sorry to say it was over 14 years ago, but the scriptures I’m referring to are in Revelation 8:5-13. It’s really interesting reading.
    I used to think I was intelligent. Some tests suggested I had an I.Q. of 148. After all I’ve been through, however, I’ve come to realize that like 1 Corinthians says, “The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know.”
    Do I go to the doctor? Not if I can help it, I think most doctors have no idea what they are practicing. Drugs – an occasional Tylenol when I have a headache for more than a day. Although I use cars, the internet, and all the other things you mentioned, I do not put my hope in them so you are absolutely correct on that point.
    Do I lie, yes, do I act hypocritically at times? Yes. But barking like a dog does not make one a dog. I am not a liar, and I am not a hypocrite. I am a child of the most high and a servant of my Lord Jesus Christ. If God is for me, who can be against me?
    Does my banter seem like nonsense? Surely, “…the message of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”
    Thanks for all the debating fellows. I hope that at least one who reads this will be called to the arms of Christ and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.
    It’s like you said, Dave, you live by what you experience. So do I and so do millions of Christians around the world. I’ve seen my cousin pulled out of coma hours after we prayed for her. I’ve seen people healed from neuropathy, cancer, and a myriad of things. I cannot conceive of any scientific explanation for any of the things I’ve seen. There is no substitute for experience.
    Have a great day 😉

  9. Theist have a hard time with their omnipotent god. Case in point, if their god knows everything then their god must know what a person is going to do in the next minute, month, year, the rest of their life. Their god already knows the heinous crimes a person will commit even before they are born. Their god has already planned it out and the poor person can not change it because it is the god’s plan. In the fantasy world of religion, there is no free will so can anyone truly be guilty? Free will and omnipotent can not exist together in religion.

  10. While I’m not willing to get into a debate on a lot of these issues, there is something that Nastie said that I can’t seem to let go. Knowing someone well enough to know how they will respond does not mean that you are controling them. The argument that omnipotence and free will cannot co-exist is illogical. If I put candy and broccoli on a table in front of my child and tell the child to eat something, I know exactly which one the child will pick up and eat. Am I controlling and/or manipulating my child because I know in advance which one he/she will choose? Absolutely not! Just because God knows what will happen does not mean that you don’t still have a choice. The child is free to choose the broccoli (though, I know he/she won’t). You always have a choice.

      • I apologize that my unintentional typo of the word ‘controlling’ has been such an affront that you can’t see past it to contribute a thoughtful response to the discussion. Unfortunately, when something is typed, you can’t know for certain whether the person just typed the word in incorrectly (which is frequently the case with a missing letter or two letters in the wrong order) or truly doesn’t know how to spell. Thanks for assuming the worst about me, though.

  11. And actually, there is one more point that I can’t leave alone. The point, Dave, that you make that athiesm should be the norm – I disagree with that. I think that agnosticism would be the logical choice there. Much like a mathematical proof, to say that God does not exist would mean a burden to prove a lack of existence on the part of the athiest. Simply saying that you haven’t been able to prove that God exists therefore God does not exist is not a valid conclusion.

    • No atheist (that I know) will tell you that the lack of evidence for the existence of gods works as conclusive proof that gods do not exist.

      This is a common misunderstanding that many theists make about atheists, though, so I understand your confusion. Let me make it clear: there is no evidence proving a god exists, so therefore I do not believe that one does.

      Do you see how “I do not believe gods exist” is different from “gods do not exist”?

      Atheism is the default. Nobody is born believing gods exist. Ergo, everybody is born atheist. (A)theism and (a)gnosticism are not mutually exclusive.

      If that isn’t clear enough, please read my post titled “(A)gnostic (a)theism” that I posted on June 23rd.

      If the HTML didn’t work in the link above for whatever reason, here’s a link you can copy and paste into your browser:

      • I do see the difference between the two statements and I apologize for the misinterpretation of your stance, unintended as it was. I am somewhat amused by your statement that nobody is born believing gods exist. I am a parent of more than one child and I can’t attest to what they are able to understand, comprehend or believe at birth or shortly after. I can testify that they have to be taught things that I didn’t know you had to explicitly teach another human being. For example, I thought everyone just knew you shouldn’t pick another person’s nose. But no, you have to actually explain that one. We’re still working on the part where you don’t pick your own nose, but at least, in my opinion, that one is less offensive. But back to the topic at hand. To say that nobody is born believing God/gods exist implies that it is unnatural to believe that God/gods exist – or that it is contrary to the natural inclinations of the mind. Would you agree with that implication? And if this is the case, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on why there is such a widespread belief in God/gods throughout history and societies. After all, someone, somewhere had to be the first to come up with this “nonsense”, right?

        • Interestingly enough, belief in gods and picking your friend’s nose spawn from the same root: innate human curiosity. Along with important questions like “What is inside my friend’s nose? Is it the same as mine?” children will also question where they came from, what makes everything, why everything exists, and where everything goes when it dies. Maybe not immediately after birth, but once they’ve developed that capacity for questioning and learning they almost certainly will.

          For more insight on why so many people turn to god-explanations for things they just don’t understand, I highly recommend reading Dr. J. Anderson Thomson’s book “Why We Believe in God(s).” It’s a quick and easy read, and it does wonders to explain all the evolutionary factors that contribute to belief in gods as a side-effect.

  12. You know, I’m a Christian, but regardless of our respective convictions and beliefs on any of the topics presented here, does anyone proof read their posts? It is more than a little undermining to an authors credibility when he/she has difficulty with basic grammar and spelling.

    This seems to be running rampant across America, and is rapidly beginning to appear to be an epidemic of epic proportions. Regardless of whether you believe in God, I think we all agree that we should not make uninformed decisions about anything. Yet, in contrast, we are content to live in a nation where our education system is clearly faltering.

    Let’s read a few more books, teach our friends and children a bit of grammar, and take a stand on something we can all agree on. I apologize for the non-relevance of this post, but it is a little sad, and I had to say something…

  13. You’re all insane because Bigfoot IS real. The same as God. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they’re pals and ol’ Sasquatch has a personal line up to Heaven. Probably in a tree, I’d assume the phone is. In the hollowed out bark.

    It’s all there. All the clues, waiting to be found. The plastic cast of Sass’ foot? The fact that God walks alongside us all? You see where I’m going with this? Do your research before posting such bunkum, guys. Seriously. And by research, I mean looking inside yourself and tearing down the inner-walls of oppressive thought patterns.

    Stone walls do not a prison make; nor iron bars a cage.

    (note: while this is tongue-in-cheek, I do believe in God – and I’d like to believe in Sass. That is all.)

  14. There is no such thing as an atheist. And I have just as much right to say that as people have to CLAIM they are atheists! After all, the evidence for the existence of a supreme, all powerful, benevolent God is all around us. One only has to look at the wonders of the heavens, the beauty of nature, and the miracle of life. Meanwhile the only “proof” of the existence of atheists, is their claims. How do we know they are telling the truth? More likely they are just angry at God, and refuse to acknowledge him. Or they think by denying God they will avoid judgement. (not true)

    There will never be a lot of atheists in the world, because their “belief” offers nothing to mankind. Everyone I have ever met had some crosses to bear in this life. And some people in particular lead terribly difficult lives. They thrive on the hope for a better life in the hereafter. A life promised by God. What can an atheist offer to anyone to make their day to day existence any easier to take? What hope does he offer?

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