Thank god!

Thank god for a good fall-back when I don’t feel like thanking the people directly responsible for the situation for which I’m thankful because let’s face it, they don’t deserve any credit for my happiness and it’s just easier to accredit any and all positive happenings to an invisible sky-wizard for which there is no evidence; and also for run-on sentences.

Stop thanking god when good people do good things. Seriously. Maybe I’m just being pedantic and nitpicking when I get offended by this, but it irritates me. I’m not saying you need to sing praises when I do something nice for you, or even that I deserve credit; but the credit certainly shouldn’t be going to somebody else!

If nothing else, thank goodness.

Somebody once told me that “the goodness of Jesus shines through” me. No. Fuck you. The goodness of me is what’s shining through me.

7 thoughts on “Thank god!

  1. Dave, the first thing that came to mind when I read your post was all those religionists out there who thank God that their loved one was cured from of some grave illness (and this happens all the time in my own family) — after that person had spent much time under the care, supervision and ministrations of health care professionals. Oh no, all of those weeks of chemotherapy and radiation aren’t the reason they’re now cancer-free. No, that staph infection isn’t gone because they had months of IV antibiotics. Nope, God did it. That just irks me to no end.

  2. I rank this idiocy right up there along with the “I will pray for you syndrome”. No, please don’t waste your time doing something useless that you insist is helpful and profound, then expect my gratitude for it!!! How about you unclasp your hands and come up with a functional solution mother fucker!

  3. There is no such thing as an atheist. Although I know my reply will be deleted, it matters not. My path almost led me down the road to so-called “atheism”. The term “atheist” is derived from two roots “a” meaning “against” and “theos” meaning “God” or “a god”. Thus people who claim that they are atheist because they don’t believe in Him is a contradiction of terms. You can’t be against something you don’t believe exists. You may as well be a-fairy, or a-pomogianisticis. There are no such things so it is impossible to be against them. The funny thing about so-called atheists is that they spend so much time talking about the very thing they claim doesn’t exist. Isn’t this a waste of time? I don’t go around trying to convince people not to believe in the tooth fairy. No, the real purpose of each and every atheist is a deep longer to know. You WANT to see for yourself. You wish deep down inside that God would show you a sign so that you could hold on to something tangible.
    As for myself, I used to believe in science and believed that everything had to have a scientific explanation. Then I realized that God’s word was far more consistent that science. Science is limited to the five senses. With science there is no room for anything that our finite human bodies can experience. It didn’t take long for me to see that science has to continue correcting itself because what is scientifically proven one day can be false the very next day. I have very little faith in science these days. I have no faith in doctors either. Doctors prescribe drugs they have little knowledge about. They cannot see the effects drugs have on the human brain, DNA, and a whole multitude of bodily functions. While a certain drug can seem to solve one issue, it will ALWAYS create a new host of side effects that can be and probably are more detrimental to our bodies.
    Wasn’t it science that claimed the earth was flat? Wasn’t it scientists that claimed there could not be such things as microwaves, germs, and the like? Why not? Because we did not have the instruments to see such things. Therefore they must not exist.
    The truth of the matter is that anyone who puts their faith in science is going to be disappointed over and over again. Scientists are only now realizing that there are things in this universe that cannot be explained because they do not fall into the category of tangible evidence. This is why they have created a whole new field of science called quantum physics.
    Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by blind religion or blind science. Make intelligent well informed decisions. Seek out the facts first.
    Remember just because we could not detect sound waves didn’t mean they didn’t exists. Similarly just because we don’t have the equipment to detect demons and angelic beings does not mean they are not all around us. One day science will have to be re-written yet again to contain new evidence. The scriptures, however, remain unchanged since ancient times.
    Finally, my story… At the pinnacle of my own arrogance and the height of my intellectual achievements, I stumbled upon a radio station that played hard rock and heavy metal. There I heard a caller describing an apocalyptic event that was all the rave at the time. He asked the disk jockeys if they had heard about a meteor that would kill one third of the population. They laughed at him and hung up the phone and continued on with their jokes, but my attention was focused on one single thought – “a third of the population”… I had heard that in my youth in my Sunday School class. “Yes” I thought, “That’s in Revelation…” So I dusted off an old Bible my parents had and found some old scriptures giving an account of the end of the world in minute detail. As I read, there was a documentary on the Discovery channel about the same topic – a meteor strike of catastrophic proportions.
    The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I read along with the program. The events described in both the Bible and the television show were identical to a tee! God had my full, undivided attention. It was at this point that I made up my mind to have faith like a child. I said within myself, “If God says ‘A donkey talked’ then by all mean a donkey talked. I will never again question His Word.”
    It was that very year that things began to happen in my life. Those “signs” I sought after were revealed to me, and I lost all hope in science forever.
    I laugh whenever I see Nacho Libre with Jack Black now. Whenever I hear his sidekick declare, “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science” I chuckle within myself because I am now the total opposite.
    Delete my reply if you insist this is all baloney, but if you expect real discussion on this topic, then leave it and see what other say.

    Man O God

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  5. MOG, you totally don’t get it. All “atheist” means is “not a theist.” And since “theist” breaks down to “a person who believes in god,” atheist literally means, “not a person who believes in god.” And the reason atheists get frustrated by and discuss the beliefs of religious folks is because these delusional beliefs permeate our culture. If everyone around you was worshipping an invisible pink unicorn in the sky, it would annoy you too. If you were a paramedic who saved a man’s life, and that man turned around and thanked the pink unicorn for saving his life, it would offend you. If a natural disaster occurred, and thousands of people prayed to the pink unicorn to help the victims instead of actually helping them themselves, it would infuriate you. As for science, there’s another thing you don’t understand. You point to the ever-changing nature of scientific discovery as a bad thing, but that’s actually one of its main strengths. When further evidence comes along, scientists reevaluate the situation and correct past errors. Through continuously employing the scientific method, humans get closer and closer to the truth. Religion, on the other hand, does just the opposite. It presupposes the truth of some supposedly inspired book and denies all evidence to the contrary. How is that logic?

  6. Oh, and one other thing, MOG, did it ever occur to you that the producers of the Discovery Channel were trying to feed into the paranoia of Christians by seeking out evidence that matched Revelations? They do it all the time with apocalyptic garbage. It’s television, not a sign from god.

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