Three days away

Three days ’til rapture.

I like to think of this whole thing as kind of win-win for atheists. On the one hand, if rapture happens it’ll just be us left over on earth. Government will be free from religion, there won’t be any holy wars, and all in all things should be pretty peaceful. On the other hand, if nothing happens, it’s a nice little slap in the face to those who are “absolutely sure” it’ll happen.

I’m absolutely aware that not all Christians think May 21st is the day of rapture. I realize it’s just a small sect of the particularly crazy ones who believe what that nut Harold Camping says. I also realize they’ll continue to be crazy once May 21st comes and goes with no incident and Camping will just claim he forgot to carry a two in his mathematical formula for predicting the end of the world. But the rest of us (not-quite-as-crazy Christians included) will get a good chuckle out of it. I’ll feel nothing but pity for those who have taken Camping’s advice and spent/given away every last bit of their money in anticipation of being raptured.

3 thoughts on “Three days away

  1. Well, you wouldn’t be totally alone. I’ve yet to meet a believer in the rapture who thinks Mormons are coming along, so we’d be stuck here too.

  2. You’ll be rid of the Christians anyway. I guess all the rest of the religions will be left.
    Let me apologize, Atheist Dave, on behalf of all of us who believe in Christ and still have a brain in our heads. I’m sorry that we have allowed crazies, pedophiles, hate mongers, and all around wackos to infiltrate our faith. Though this is exactly what the Bible says will happen to Christianity as time progresses, we are nonetheless just as frustrated about it as you are. I hope the sunrise of May 22 will put an end to Camping’s tyranny. I also hope that those who have put their faith in Camping’s cult will be able to pick up the pieces from their broken lives as the months and years progress.
    Blessings, A.P. Sullivan

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m a conservative, rapture-believing Christian, but I’m appalled by this May 21 rapture date. The Bible clearly says that “of that day and hour no one knows” (Matthew 24:36). So those “Christians” claiming that the rapture is going to occur tomorrow aren’t even following the Bible! That’s one of the problems when people do not read the Bible carefully enough — even while they claim to be Christians, they do many non-Biblical things, which is the cause of many problems with religion today. But that is the problem of people not paying attention to God’s Word — it can’t really be a win-win for atheists, since the Bible agrees with the atheists! The Bible says no one knows the hour, so both of you are in agreement that this movement is crazy.

    Rather than believing crazy Camping, I’d rather put my trust in the Scriptures, which have given dozens and hundreds of predictions during the BC era that were amazingly fulfilled when Jesus Christ came. Coincidence would have a very hard time explaining how all the predictions about Jesus happened to come true in one person. And that is not even considering the other evidence for Jesus resurrection, the design in nature, etc. That’s why I’m just peeved at Camping, because he’s making religion sound like such a nutty thing, when actually, believing in Christ and the Bible and God is very reasonable and has many evidences. Rather, Camping should be advertising the gospel if he wants to advertise anything, not this false, non-Biblical prediction.

    Though of course, when the rapture does happen, it wouldn’t be good news for atheists. Despite a bunch of false warnings by over-zealous people, the end of the world only has to come once for it to be true. If all the religious people vanished from earth all of a sudden, I see no end in the violence occurring here on earth — it is man’s nature to commit wrong to his neighbor, whether or not he uses a religious or secular excuse for his evils. God is a holy God, and so He will judge the earth one day to execute justice as justice should be done. If we really wanted Him to be fair to us, He would judge all of us right now, because we don’t deserve anything less. So the non-rapture of May 21 will be another day of mercy from God, for Christians and atheists alike.

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