Missing Link? What Do You Mean, ‘Missing’? (an excerpt)

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I have a couple posts I’m working on at the moment, but don’t feel either are quite ready for publication. That being the case, please enjoy this excerpt from Richard DawkinsThe Greatest Show on Earth: the Evidence for Evolution. This is the particular excerpt to which I was referring in yesterday’s post; the one which introduced me to the writing of Richard Dawkins and ultimately led to my “coming out” as an atheist, as well as to my particularly anti-religious viewpoint:

Creationists are deeply enamoured of the fossil record, because they have been taught (by each other) to repeat, over and over, the mantra that it is full of ‘gaps’: ‘Show me your “intermediates”!’ They fondly (very fondly) imagine that these ‘gaps’ are an embarrassment to evolutionists. Actually, we are lucky to have any fossils at all, let alone the massive numbers that we now do have to document evolutionary history – large numbers of which, by any standards, constitute beautiful ‘intermediates.’ I shall emphasize in Chapters 9 and 10 that we don’t need fossils in order to demonstrate that evolution is a fact. The evidence for evolution would be entirely secure, even if not a single corpse had ever fossilized. It is a bonus that we do actually have rich seams of fossils to mine, and more are discovered every day. The fossil evidence for evolution in many major animal groups is wonderfully strong. Nevertheless there are, of course, gaps, and creationists love them obsessively.

Let’s again make use of our analogy of the detective coming to the scene of a crime to which there were no eye witnesses. The baronet has been shot. Fingerprints, footprints, DNA from a sweat stain on the pistol, and a strong motive all point towards the butler. It’s pretty much an open and shut case, and the jury and everybody in the court is convinced that the butler did it. But a last-minute piece of evidence is discovered, in the nick of time before the jury retires to consider what had seemed to be their inevitable verdict of guilty: somebody remembers that the baronet had installed spy cameras against burglars. With bated breath, the court watches the films. One of them shows the butler in the act of opening the drawer in his pantry, taking out a pistol, loading it, and creeping stealthily out of the room with a malevolent gleam in his eye. You might think that this solidifies the case against the butler even further. Mark the sequel, however. The butler’s defence lawyer astutely points out that there was no spy camera in the library where the murder took place, and no spy camera in the corridor leading from the butler’s pantry. He wags his finger, in that compelling way that lawyers have made their own. ‘There’s a gap in the video record! We don’t know what happened after the butler left the pantry. There is clearly insufficient evidence to convict my client.’

In vain the prosecution lawyer points out that there was a second camera in the billiard room, and this shows, through the open door, the butler, gun at the ready, creeping on tiptoe along the passage towards the library. Surely this plugs the gap in the video record? Surely the case against the butler is now unassailable? But no. Triumphantly the defence lawyer plays his ace. ‘We don’t know what happened before or after the butler passed the open door of the billiard room. There are now two gaps in the video record. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my case rests. There is now even less evidence against my client than there was before.’

The fossil record, like the spy camera in the murder story, is a bonus, something that we had no right to expect as a matter of entitlement. There is already more than enough evidence to convict the butler without the spy camera, and the jury were about to deliver a guilty verdict before the spy camera was discovered. Similarly, there is more than enough evidence for the fact of evolution in the comparative study of modern species (Chapter 10) and their geographical distribution (Chapter 9). We don’t need fossils – the case for evolution is watertight without them; so it is paradoxical to use gaps in the fossil record as though they were evidence against evolution. We are, as I say, lucky to have fossils at all.

–Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth: the Evidence for Evolution

4 thoughts on “Missing Link? What Do You Mean, ‘Missing’? (an excerpt)

  1. Don’t pick that turd as evidences to support theory

    No matter how long you polish that Turd
    it’s still turd

    no matter how deep you digging in that dirt, all dead will never be able to talk to you again

    tell him to get his telescope to look up
    above his head there was clouds

    Allah has created clouds from salt water & it turn to rain pouring down all over people head

    above clouds there was the moon

    & tell him not to compares the moon with manmade helicopter that will falling down caused running out of fuel to hit on people’s head if it’s too long hanging on air

    Allah has created moon as time measurement so he could count how many more years his lifetime on earth, it revolve
    the earth for a month
    ( in between 29-30 days ) based on phases of the moon & in Allah laws there are 12 months in a year with 7 days in a week

    above the moon there was the sun

    Allah has created the sun as light energy force for the earth so that all people on earth will use the sun as a tool to create energy from it’s point of lights force collected under magnifying glass to melt his dumb’s head

    above the sun Allah has created billions planets with billions stars for people who travel far away on earth so that they could use the brightest stars as the points direction to go & back home

    above all planets with all stars Allah has created skies

    & as we all knew Allah has created garden of paradise above skies under Allah’s chair where all angels & all prophets with their families/companions/
    believers gather altogether

    ,,,,,e t c,,,,

    All Allah’s creations under skies always obey Allah laws & Allah was the owner of life/death for everything & every livings that seen/unseen under skies

    so where do you go now man ?

  2. It’s a wonderful book and a must read for any thinking man, as are most of Dawkins’ works anyway.
    It’s appalling to think that many of these people who rail against evolution and the fossil record don’t even bother to go into the details of the said record. I’ve had people deny a common ancestor for apes and humans without having any idea of how fleshed out our evolutionary trail was by fossils. Even though we don’t need fossils to prove evolution they are such a potent tangible evidence that I want to throw one in the face of every Creationist.

    • The Missing Link in Evolution
      by: eli soriano

      For over a hundred years, the link between apes and man, popularly known as the “missing link”, has been the subject of research among the best scientists of the human race. The discovery of “one unique” evidence placed Britain to be a contender as the cradle of humanity.

      This discovery was for decades trusted by respected evolutionists as a concrete evidence to prove that their theory of evolution is a fact until another discovery was made public and was tagged as one of the worst crime of the 20th century. The link of England to antiquity, and its contention for being a cradle of human kind, and the link between humans and apes was cut by the alleged link turned scissors.


      THE FAKE APE-MAN, 1912

      Eoanthropus dawsoni was the scientific name of this alleged missing link, and it would have been an extremely early example of a creature showing both human and apelike qualities. At 375,000 years old, it put England in contention for a cradle of humankind, being found in the Sussex town of Piltdown. The “first Englishman” he was proudly called when the anthropologist Charles Dawson found him in 1911. For decades, Piltdown Man was cited along with Neanderthal man and Heidelberg man as an example of early hominid life in Europe. Then in 1953, the fragments, including a jawbone, were tested: they did not contain enough fluorine to be the age that Dawson claimed; worse, the jawbone was that of a 10-year-old orangutan, its teeth ground down to simulate age, and a crude chemical wash applied to the bone to make it appear ancient. No one knows who perpetrated the hoax: Dawson had died in 1916. Very quickly, however, Piltdown became a synonym for phony; and England’s claim to antiquity was cut short by several hundred thousand years.

      The link between the numbers 1 and 3 is 2 or sometimes may include its fraction like 1½ and 2½. The link of a child to its parents can be numbered! 23 pairs of chromosomes from the father and 23 pairs from the mother.

      The allegations of evolutionists that complex forms of life came from the most simple single-celled plants and animals have no scientific evidence! Protozoa and amoeba are up to now protozoa and amoeba, still single-celled! We cannot find any living creature which is one and a half, two, and two and a half celled plants and animals. The only scientific link of protozoa and amoeba to more complex organisms is their parasitic characteristics.

      Protozoa have known simple arithmetic for its existence by not clinging to a one and a half and a two and a half organism but unto multi-cellular ones. Maybe they have searched for such but found none.

      Protozoa and amoeba which existed billions of years ago have managed to exist until now as protozoa and amoeba. Protozoa will always be protozoa and amoeba will always be amoeba.

      Ecclesiastes 3:14

      I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.

      Protozoa exists as a single-celled creature, and have existed billions of years ago, but no single human cell can exist for a day independent of other cells in the tissues of a human body. If protozoan and amoeba have evolved into multi-cellular organisms due to natural selection and the principle of “survival of the fittest and the elimination of the unfit”, why cannot our human cells product of such evolution, exist independently like protozoan?

      The fact is protozoan are protozoan and humans are humans!

      To prove evolution really happened there must be a link! But what is the “missing link”? The link that evolutionists must explain scientifically beyond the shadow of a doubt. This link must not be the link being sought for by most evolutionists. The link between man and apes must not be the intelligent priority! The link must start from the origin of life. How can inorganic matters like soil and water evolve into an amoeba or protozoa?

      Let evolutionists answer this!

  3. where is the LINK between the “missing link” and human?
    the LINK between the LINK and human?

    APE > link? > link? > link? > “MISSSING LINK” > link? >link? > link? > HUMAN

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