Laziness in humans, a science question.

I thought I’d post my first science question on here.  I was thinking lately that laziness in humans might be related to the tendency in other animals not to waste energy.  The problem is that we have to do so much less in order to get food and survive, so it’s not good for us.  Not everyone is lazy, of course, but not all animals share the same opinion of what constitutes a waste of energy.  Thoughts?  Science to back it up?  See?!  In essence I’m being lazy.

2 thoughts on “Laziness in humans, a science question.

  1. Here’s my best guess: Laziness in humans is about conservation of energy. It is only very recently in our evolutionary history that food is so plentiful and we have been able to remain inactive. True, this isn’t good for us, but our biology has not yet adjusted to new living conditions that can allow for our inactivity.

  2. I can’t really see how ‘laziness = conservation of energy’ works, from this standpoint. After all, until fairly recently getting food at all tended to involve rather a lot of hard work, be it either going out and hunting/gathering, or farming, with laziness resulting in not having enough food to get the energy to conserve.

    No science, but that’s how it seems to me.

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