Thoughts (I)

With nothing better to discuss today, here is an assortment of thoughts.

  • This Pakistan/Pakistani-bashing has got to end. My workplace employs people of all different lifestyles, races, and from all different walks of life. Among my peers at work are a couple people from Pakistan. Not two days after Osama bin Laden’s death I heard they’ve already had to put up with mental and verbal abuse; not necessarily at the workplace, but certainly outside of work. The Pakistan government may or may not have had anything to do with bin Laden and they may or may not have known his whereabouts for a while, but this by no means subjects anybody else to any kind of abuse. Guess what? The American government has done or allowed some pretty terrible things in the past; I certainly don’t take accountability for their actions, nor is anybody who happens to be from Pakistan responsible for any of his or her country’s government’s alleged actions.
  • On the topic of Osama bin Laden, I frankly don’t care if pictures of his corpse are not released, or his “death tape” (the video he allegedly recorded to be released upon his death). I’m perfectly fine with never seeing him or hearing his voice again. As far as I’m concerned, he may still be alive, detained in a top-secret military base somewhere on the dark side of the moon. Probably not, of course. He probably really was pushed over the side of an aircraft carrier into the Atlantic Ocean somewhere with weights tied to his feet. Personally, I think that’s just too bad – science really could have benefited from studying that man’s brain. Oh well.
  • I would like to know the exact time of day (local time) that the Rapture is supposed to happen on May the twenty-first. I’m a bit of a procrastinator so I’ve got some things I’d like to work out before all that business goes down. Especially since I’ll be working that day and it’s possible everything happens while I’m there.
  • On that note, May 21st is a Saturday, so if anybody’s throwing a party around here I’d like an invite. I should be free in the evening; I’ll even bring some beer. I recommend holding the party somewhere with lots of accommodations. Being that most of the people here are “good” Christians, that means there ought to be plenty of empty houses to choose from. On the off-chance that god turns out to be loving and reasonable (I know, I’m pushing it) and I end up being raptured, you’re welcome to crash at my place. There will be plenty of beer in the refrigerator, a loaded bar, and a ton of great books and movies to kill some time with.
  • If Satan is known for punishing bad people eternally, is Satan really evil? Is our justice system evil? Our prisons? The police? If evil exists not because god is fictional but because of Satan, then does Satan have more power than god? All that aside, doesn’t the recognition of Satan as being as powerful as (or nearly as powerful as) god make the Christian faith polytheistic? Not to mention Jesus. That’s at least three gods Christians believe in. It’s actually less of a stretch to say the whole thing is rubbish.
  • If David Copperfield traveled back in time two thousand years and performed a simple card trick, we would be worshiping him now. I don’t know how magicians pull off a lot of their tricks, but that doesn’t mean I believe magic exists.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

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