What if Jesus came back today?

Let’s say a 30-year-old man and a bunch of friends start traveling the country or the world, telling people that he is indeed Jesus Christ, returned to prepare the world for the rapture. His friends insist he really is Jesus – that they’ve seen him perform miracles. Let’s say that when questioned of these miracles and the authenticity of his claims, Jesus Christ proceeds to tell us we must have unquestioning faith in him.

Do we have unquestioning faith in him? Or do we ask him to “prove it” by performing miracles for the rest of us? Let’s say we take the latter option and he agrees to perform a miracle. Dozens of news broadcast stations are alerted to the fact that Jesus himself will be performing a miracle for a crowd of people. Thousands of people show up with video cameras. Then, before our very eyes, Jesus spreads his arms and six dozen doves fly from his open hands.

The crowd is silent. His miracle has just been broadcast live to sixty major news networks worldwide. After the shock of what just happened finally sets in, somebody steps forward from a crowd and asks, “Is that it?”

Shocked, Jesus asks what more he could possibly do to prove he is who he claims to be. In a fit of desperation he reaches behind the doubter’s ear and produces a shiny quarter. “Ta da!” he cries, and takes a bow. Satisfied, the doubter steps back into his place and the crowd explodes with applause.

The man is immediately accepted by all of the world’s Christians as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

That’s how it would happen, right?

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