“You can’t see love!”

Amor stringing his bow, Roman copy after Greek...

Image via Wikipedia

I see where you’re going with this. There are plenty of things which I can’t see. Love is one of them. Also included are friendship, devotion, and anger. These are all specific emotions or concepts. Yet nobody denies their existence. Why? Because you cannot deny that a concept exists. Nobody makes a claim that love or anger are actual beings or separate entities however, and therein lies the difference between love and your god.

Gods are fine as concepts. But don’t personify them. We call love personified “Cupid” or “Eros,” and yet we accept that neither actually exists. Likewise, we can accept that concepts such as power and benevolence exist, but we don’t need to personify them by giving them the name God.

Not to mention, love is a measurable result of a chemical reaction that takes place in your brain.

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