Religious Logic

4 thoughts on “Religious Logic

  1. So empirical proof is the only *rational* proof? If *conventional* logic [whatever that means] is supposed to represent *non-theistic* logic where is the empirical proof for atheism?

  2. Proof for atheism? You mean, where’s my proof gods don’t exist? Stop trying to shift the burden on us. You’re making a positive claim – this one’s on you.

    Tell you what: you prove to me Thor and Ares don’t exist, and I’ll just use your logic to disprove your god.

    • You have missed the point. Your drawing, clever as it is, makes a claim that cannot be supported. There is no such thing as *my* logic or *your* logic. Rules of inference, fallacies, the law of non-contradiction etc, are the laws of logic.

      The inference that it makes is that *empirical* proof is the only acceptable proof. This has nothing to do with existence of God is goes to the question of knowledge acquisition. You seem to be uninterested in really interacting on any of these topics.

      • Well, it’s not my drawing. I wish I knew whose it was, but I’ve seen it posted so many times in so many different places I’ve had a difficult time determining to whom it should be attributed.

        Also, it’s just a comic.

        What this comic infers (though I cannot speak for the original artist) is that Christians love to try to shift the burden of proof onto us. That’s all I get from it. If you want me to believe in your god, I’m going to need some proof it exists – you can’t just tell me it does, or quote a book that was written a couple millennia ago.

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