Why should I believe?

Why should I believe in your god?

Really, seriously, I mean that. How would belief in your god (or any god, for that matter) improve my life? Any arguments along the lines of “because the Bible says…” will be dismissed automatically. I want to know, from the perspective of a believer in any particular religion, how the belief in supernaturalism would improve my life. This life, I mean – the one I’m living right here, right now, on earth.

Also, feeling the “golden wash of Jesus’ love” is not a legitimate reason. In fact, it’s kind of icky.

I expect the comments section of this post to be riddled with some of the deepest, most insightful reasons ever for adhering to a particular religion.

Bonus points if you can tell me why your god is more important than anybody else’s.

6 thoughts on “Why should I believe?

  1. I can’t believe this post wasn’t on Freshly Pressed.


    I hope non-believers with a sense of humor are allowed here. I can only make so many serious comments.

  2. What’s your point in asking this question? Do you really choose what to believe and what not to believe based on what a belief can do for you or what you’ll get out of it?

    • I don’t. I fully understand the fact that belief is not a light switch – one cannot choose what they believe in. But I’m interested in knowing why somebody might think their life is somehow better than mine just because they believe in something I do not.

  3. Read Nietzsche. Once you are acquainted with nihilism and why God’s death is a crisis for absolutes junkies you’ll see that delusions are much more fun than reality.

  4. Haha.. maybe one day when I am free from school I can contribute somehow. I doubt that writing from a philosophy back ground would be appealing to readers though.

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